Parent Volunteers


The Junior team depends on Parent Volunteers to help everything run smoothly.  Please consider volunteering.  Here are the ways you can help:


Food Sign ups:  Each regatta has a Hospitality table of food and drinks for the rowers and parents.  This is pot luck event, where the food is provided by everyone on the team.  Food sign ups are sent out for each regatta.  It is the hope that everyone will contribute.  When you sign up, we are depending on that food item.

Regatta Set up and Clean Up:  Claim our tent space and organize a group of parents to put up our tent and set up tables.  At the end of the race, cleaning up our space. taking down the tents and table.

Food Hospitality:  Be responsible for keeping the food tables organized and stocked.  There is a lot of food and it needs to be displayed and put out at appropriate times.  Restock plates, clean up empty containers and coordinate parents to assist.

Grill Master: The team has a grill and the rowers love a hot grilled meal.  Be the hero who grills up egg sandwiches in the morning and burgers in the afternoon. The team has grilling tools, but bring your own, if you have some.


Currently we have parents filling these positions, however, they are parents of SENIORS, who are in their last season. We are looking for people to shadow them this season in preparation for taking the job over fully for the Fall Season.  (for more detailed information, please talk to them)

Campbox Coordinator – Natalie Fream (mom to Blake)  Campboxes contain all the necessary items for a regatta. Plates, utensils, napkins, platters, serving spoons, etc.  The coordinator makes sure these items are stocked and the bins get to the regattas.  There is a spending budget from GBR.   More Information about The Camp Boxes

Hospitality Coordinator  Melissa Ozkurt (mom to Isabelle) Make sure we have people to set up, clean up and grill for each regatta.  Coordinate the tents, grill and full propane tank to ensure their arrival to the regatta.

Food Coordinator – Melissa Ozkurt- Create the food sign ups for each regatta based on times, participation and venue.

Logowear Coordinator – Brigitte Laurence (mom to Emmeline) Coordinate with the Logowear producer on which items can be offered, ensure they create our webstore, answer team questions and deliver the items to the team.

Overnight Regatta Planning: RB Laurence (Dad to Emmeline) Organize, coordinate and help a committee of volunteers planning our overnight regattas. Right now, the Head of the Fish in Saratoga Springs runs in the Fall.  However, there may be more Regattas to organize in the upcoming seasons.  A helpful template of planning has been created.

End of the Season Banquets: A few parents to step up each season to help organize our end of the season banquet – the venue and food sign ups.

End of Season Coaches Gifts:  A parent to collect money from the team for coaches gifts, and then purchase them.

Spring Senior Gifts: A parent to select, order and pick up the gifts for our senior rowers for their last season with GBR. (Check with Sara for more info)

Join the Boosters!  Help make GBR more successful with new ideas and fundraisers.  More information – Felicia Sperry