Coaches Notes

March 31, 2017

Hello Parents!

Welcome!  A lot of time has been spent over the last few months setting expectations for the GBR junior team, coaches included. We’ve hired more coaches, purchased new equipment, and redistributed much of the behind-the-scenes work. This is a really great time to be a part of Great Bay Rowing.

Rowing is the ultimate team sport- in a boat we work toward coordinating every movement together, even breathing. Your children will be trained to think of their personal actions as a contribution to our team status. Expect to see a rise in maturity in conjunction with development as a rower. We think you’ll find that the discipline of rowing will equip your children with a set of skills applicable in every aspect of life. Please support this development by encouraging your children to communicate with us coaches. With a large team open communication is necessary to ensure we’re supporting your children to the best of our ability. This is especially important regarding injury and illness-we want to keep your kids safe.

Our objectives this season are to row well and row fast. It is extremely fun, but it does require a lot of hard work. We see potential in every kid that enters the boathouse, and we intend to challenge your children to reach that potential. You can expect your kids to come home tired and sore- please congratulate them, feed them well, and encourage them to go to bed early.

Every athlete is expected to race; our practice plans are designed with race days in mind. We intend to practice in lineups, which means that athletes need to show up to every practice and sign up to race. This continuity is important to success in our sport and also prevents injuries.  Expect race days to be an all day event; all team members are required to participate in unloading, rigging, and loading. We hope you’ll join in the excitement by signing up to volunteer and cheering us on!

If you’d like to become more involved with our practices we’re looking to provide our athletes with more video-feedback. If you have a flat screen tv you wish to donate or can volunteer your time to video tape some of our practices we would greatly appreciate it! We are also looking for parents willing to obtain Commercial Boaters Licenses to assist driving our launches. Please email with your interest and we’ll reach out with specifics.

We’re so glad you chose rowing- we’re very excited to share a sport we love.

-Great Bay Coaching Staff